Monday, May 09, 2005

that my grandma is evil III

mothers day evil in two parts.

part one.
my mom hand crafted a beautiful card, wrote a heart-felt message of love and sent it off to her mom, my grandma. on friday, when the card arrived, my grandma picked up the phone, called my mom, and in what i understand to be a rather flat and un-feeling tone said "i got your card. thanks." this got my mother so upset that when she called me weeping, i couldn't even understand what she was saying until she'd managed to calm down.

part two.
background: my mom calls my grandma at least twice a day. she doesn't want to. it's expected. she feels obliged. so. yesterday was mothers day. my mom called my grandma who did not answer the phone. mom left a message. my brother ian, in a bold-faced suck-up, called my grandma too, also got the machine and also left a message. later that day, ian got a weird-but-nice e-mail from grandma thanking him for his call. mom never heard from grandma. not once. she even tried calling back. nothing.

i think we should all just get the inheritance now for our suffering and trouble.

in the meantime, i'll have to content myself with being RIGHT AGAIN!


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