Friday, June 24, 2005

about my boss's hair

all week this week, my boss has been fretting over her hair.

she's trying to grow it out and it keeps not looking the way she wants it to.

she puts it up.
she takes it down.
she said she uses hot rollers, like, all the time.

stop! i said.
you have a good hair cut.
stop working against it.
let your haircut be what it is.
maybe use a little product.

but i need body, she said

blow dry upside down, said i.

so she did.

and she came in yesterday, thrilled (and looking good, by the way)
and she came in today, thrilled and reporting that her husband, son and sister had all remarked favorably.

we're not sure why, but i seem to know something about hair.

and in my boss's case, it seems that I was . . . RIGHT AGAIN!


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