Sunday, March 27, 2005

that the 3 year old I babysit is my soul mate

I swear, if he were 30 years older, we'd totally get married.

While playing with play-dough, he said "i'll cut it into quarters," which was surprising enough. Quarters?
But then he said, "let's see what happens if we cut them in half . . . ?"
Let's see, indeed!


He also likes to talk about letters and sound out words . . . just for fun.

In recognizing the awesomeness of this kid, I am of course RIGHT AGAIN!

Friday, March 25, 2005

that my grandma is evil II

This from an e-mail from my Grandma to me. My grandma had given me (via my mom) some money to spend on a recent trip to france that I took with my mom (her daughter) and my brother. I had written, post trip. to thank her.

" I must say I was not particularly pleased to hear that my gift of money for the trip was spent on gifts for your friends. Your friends are not my responsibility and that money was to be used for you and the other members of your family and not on chocolates to bring back to people I don't know. I am sure you will not like my saying all this, but that doesn't matter."



that Purim is a great holiday


That's all you need to know.



Wednesday, March 23, 2005

that my shoes are AWESOME

sure, i'm in love with my camo converse low top all stars, but that could just be my quirkyness.

in fact, no.

everyone at work loves them too.

my sneakers rock and I am RIGHT AGAIN!

Monday, March 21, 2005

that my grandma's evil

because when my mom cried, grandma was all sweetness and light
and when my mom went on vacation with me and my brother for a week and had a good time, my grandma was really mean and pissy to her in order to punish my mom and make her feel bad.
i'm right about my grandma being evil often.
but this does not stop me from being

that i'm awesome

because amy loves my other blog and thinks it's really funny.

no one reads my blogs
(because i don't tell anyone about them)
so i'd forgotten that people often like what and how i write
even if it's just incidental or frivolous

but amy reminded me

and as i have long suspected my own awesomeness,
i must conclude that amy's enthusiasm prooves that i am

Mission Statement

Since I seem to be correct so often, this blog will chronicle the many instances on which I am Right Again!