Saturday, April 30, 2005

that the decemberists are an awesome band

the evidence is abundant, but track seven on their new album, "picaresque" is more than enough to make me . . . RIGHT AGAIN!

that a play called "incredible sex" would be neither incredible nor sexy

the good news was that "incredible sex" wasn't awful.
in fact, the friend i went to see acting in the play was quite good.

but, i'm just saying: you go into a play called "incredible sex" knowing it won't be very good and just hoping it won't be too too bad.

it's not a major revelation, but having anticipated mediocre-to-poor theater and then having seen "incredible sex" it seems only fair to remark that i was . . . RIGHT AGAIN!

Monday, April 04, 2005

that sensitivity training is a crock

Last week, I had to go to "volunteer training" with two of my co-workers because our work is bringing us, regularly, into a particular environment that involves a particular set of minors. A big part of the "training" was about confidentality, so I won't say where it is - that's maybe the only part of the "training" for which I have any respect.

"Training" took two hours.

"Training," as is turns out, is just a fancy word for "covering our asses, legally."

It was an insulting waste of time.

The presenter was the worst presenter ever - reading awkwardly from a script, clicking through the most innane powerpoint presentation ever.

That was bad.

However, worst was the interactive portion of the presentation. We were asked to consider what we would do when faced with a number of different situations. This might have been an opportunity for an interesting and informative discussion. In fact, it was an opportunity for the presenter to change the scenarios-mid question to make our answers wrong. It was an excercise in seeing the world in binary, black and white. We were supposed to guess the "correct" answer, when really, there could be no one such thing.

I left grumpy. And my co-workers and I agreed that we were all less-sensitive as a result.

I knew it would be lame and I was . . . RIGHT AGAIN!