Monday, October 10, 2005

accordion bellows


I'm not right about this YET because it hasn't happened.

But I keep predicting things and then they come true and I'm all "I KNEW that would happen" and everyone's all "Yeah yeah sure you did." So this time I'm making a record where probably no one will find it but where I can point it out later with it's date stamp to prove that i'm ahead of the curve. because I am.

Here's what it is:
People should put cool pictures - most likely candidate would be old-school pin-ups - inside their accordion bellows so that as they open and close the bellows enticing pictures are revealed and hidden again. It would be so tantalizing and the sexiest thing to happen to the accordion since . . . well . . . probably ever.

So mark my words.
This WILL come to pass at which point we will find that I was . . . RIGHT AGAIN!